Why Meditate And Whats In It For Me?

Why Learn How To Meditate ? - Part 1

Hey Guys,

OK – I’ll Tell You Why.

Well, there are numerous reasons and health benefits for you to want start meditating on a regular basis, so let's move on and delve a little deeper, shall we?

Just a few minutes per day, say anywhere between 15-20 minutes can set you off on a new exciting path in life. 

However, when you first start to apply meditation into your everyday life, gradual is the key. 

Begin with 5 minutes and gradually increase the minutes over a period of a couple of weeks up to 15 to 20 minutes. If it takes longer then so-be-it.


How many times a day do you need to meditate?

Once a day is good

Twice a day is better

Three times a day is fantastic​

When and where do you meditate?

Ideal times are:

  • On rising – This can be with you propped up in bed or sitting in your favourite comfy chair
  • Early afternoon or late afternoon - in your comfy chair
  • On retiring - in bed propped up - or in your comfy chair

But all the above means nothing and is not written in stone, you just have to find your ideal place to meditate, and your typical times that suit you, so, please don’t fret.

Meditation and reaching Stillness (transcendence) will come about naturally and effortlessly.

Please Note:​

Each time you meditate, please try to meditate on an empty stomach.

What you can expect with regular meditation are the following:

• Your concentration will improve

• Your recall (memory) will improve

Your heart rate will start to stabilise

Improve your quality of life

Normalise your blood pressure

• Increase your productivity

• Improving your performance

• Improve your relationships

• Relief from your dreaded insomnia

• Reduce your dependency on alcohol and cigarettes

• You will be able to read faster. I will explain in another post

• Rid yourself of bad habits

• You will be able to rest easier

• Increase your self-esteem

• Increase your reaction time

• Increasing your learning abilities

• You will awaken feeling refreshed

• You will be able to take the dullness out of life

Plus, plus, plus.

I don’t want to fill the page at this stage for fear of overwhelming you… but the list is endless. I could go on and on but I won’t… I can't have you running for the hills. 🙂

You see, setting yourself up with a good regular meditation program will most certainly help you stabilise your nervous system, which is the powerhouse to your health.

Not forgetting that your nervous system whether you realise it or not sends out signals good or bad, which can affect your well-being if left unchecked.

But please don’t forget that your stress levels affect your whole wellbeing, seriously! I can’t stress that enough.

If there is one thing that I want you to take away

from reading my posts is the following:

• Guys, seriously, if you follow my teachings within these posts you will be well on your way to becoming a proficient meditator. But remember, you will have to work at it, it doesn't or won't happen overnight. It's a journey, and some of you will find it easy, while others may become a little disheartened with their slow progress. However, that is where (comments section) comes handy; and to the rescue, we help each other. No one gets left behind.

• I know it will seem pointless at times, especially if you lead a busy life… but when the meditation system kicks in, and you reach Stillness; you will become thrilled, and your life will seem more meaningful.

• If you can manage meditation three times a day, your progress will be on fast track, no kidding.

• There will be times when your emotions will take you by surprise which I will get into in a later post, and all this is part of you listening to me guiding you forward.

So please watch out for future posts from me, which I am positive will put you on the right path to health and happiness… truly!

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Remember I am here for you...

... and, If there is anything you don't understand or you wish to comment on then please do.

Thanks, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Inner Peace to you all


Talk soon.

Tribe Leader...

Vic Daly – Authoritative Mantra Meditation Innovator

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