My Incredible Journey

My Incredible Journey Plus A Dire Warning!

Hey Guys,

Ask Vic – Mantra Meditation for beginners will be an Journey into the unknown and, a fantastic trip that will last you your lifetime.

 However, let me try to explain through my perspective...

Meditation took me out of my self-imposed shell which I had obviously crawled into, to try to escape the real world after my heart surgery went pear-shaped... And to be told by the hospital heart consultant at the young age of 43, that you will never be able to return to work again. That left me completely and utterly devastated. It was something to do with my left heart ventricle and that it was apparently un-repairable, in those days owing to the series of heart attacks.

Dire Warning...!


My old GP Doctor… the army (Major) horse vet of the National Health Service.

My old GP Doctor… the army (Major) horse vet of the National Health Service. Told me I was suffering from a frozen shoulder, and that my needless silly worrying about angina and heart attacks were all in my imagination, and were completely unfounded. Yet less than one month later and three heart attacks… one after the other, my wife found herself ringing for an ambulance… I guess he was wrong… and he was still allowed to practice. God help us all!

Words escape me

Words escape me at least as far as putting it down on paper, in a manner so as to not offend people reading my post. Warning - These idiot Doctors are out there, and if you find yourself in those circumstances seek advice elsewhere, promptly. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones. 

Very frightening

The first heart attack came at home over the weekend on a (Sunday) of all days, the next while in the ambulance, and the third and almost final as the medics crashed through the hospital entrance doorway. I was out like a light… it was almost goodnight nurse!

Hello world…

Three days later, on awakening from an induced coma and badly wanting a wee, I re-entered the world again. That Army (Major) vet doctor! I can still remember him with his ho-hum army stance, and with his hands on hips, still playing the stiff-upper-lip dads army Major… saying, young men of 43, DO NOT have heart attacks. Ruddy idiot!

Light at the end of the proverbial tunnel…

It was only after a chance meeting with this new (private) Doctor (different practice) who took an interest in my situation and suggested that I try T.M – Transcendental Meditation. Since then I haven’t looked back. A real life-saver! Honest!

New home – New life…

When my wife, Margie, and I left the shores of England to set-up home in sunny Spain, things in life took on a different slant. A more relaxed me thanks to my new doctor and thanks to my wife for taking up the reins when I was incapable of making any decisions, and suggesting we sell our rural home and start a new life in Spain to aid my recovery. Plus I am now equipped with my new life saver -  Mantra Meditation. And of course my lovely wife of almost 53 years… Margie 🙂

Is anything bothering you?

If you have anything that is bothering you whether it’s your health or other problems that just seem insurmountable… that is when meditation comes into its own. Your very own Swiss Army Knife… your de-stressing kit.

Guys, I'm here for the long run, and I am aiming to reach one hundred and a little beyond… and why not? 😉

I wonder what computers will look like then?

Anyways, remember, I am here for you…

P.S. Have you got a story you’d like to share?

If you have – please let me know.

Thanks, and I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.

Inner Peace to you all


Talk soon.

Tribe Leader...

Vic Daly – Authoritative Mantra Meditation Innovator

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