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Step-by-Step Guide to Mantra Meditation

by Victor I. Daly

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How to Meditate Using the Mantra Method

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How to Meditate Using the Mantra Method

            - Your Basic Guide -     

Please Note:  Refer to this guide while studying

Before we start,  I want to emphasise to you that you do not need to try hard to achieve (transcendence) known as the stillness of the mind,  just keep everything simple,  and try your best not to make a big deal of it.  In short,  don’t go over this guide with a fine-tooth comb trying to analyse everything.

I assume you're at home,  try to find a quiet place,  where you are unlikely to be disturbed for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Find yourself a comfortable chair and sit with your back straight as possible.  Let others around you know your intention of wanting to learn Meditation and that you would appreciate a few quiet minutes to practice.

When you get to be more experienced you will be able to Meditate anywhere,  shopping mall – while walking,  in fact, just about anywhere.  And noises will eventually become unimportant to you.

Guys,  all you need to do to make this work for you,  is just follow my lead as I have detailed below.  Easy-peasy 😉

Okay,  start by sitting in your chosen chair in a dimly lit or dark room.  Allow a couple of moments of deep breathing,  in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Take your breaths deep down into your diaphragm,  by doing this you are taking air into your lower lungs which then expands your belly area.  And this will relax your whole body and nervous system.  Three to five deep breaths is ample.

Begin with your eyes closed.  Next, start to silently and effortlessly repeat your mantra, internally, (not out aloud).  A list of words you can use as a mantra are,  relax, release, calm, peace, love, still.  It doesn't really matter which word you opt for as a mantra as long as you can repeat it over-and-over again,  slowly and effortlessly

 The chosen mantra as we will now call it is repeated over-and-over again,  softly and silently. Remember,  please don’t try too hard,  just let your mantra roll around in your mind.

When you start repeating your mantra,  there will be times when your mind gets flooded with thoughts – when you realise this (don’t fret) go back to your mantra,  and don’t give them a second thought.  And also don’t try to analyse your thoughts,  you haven't failed it's an entirely natural occurrence.  You can’t stop your thoughts forcibly.  Your mantra is your vehicle to bypass your thoughts and still your mind.

So,  in a nutshell,  this is what you are going to experience in your meditation session...

...Okay here we go...

Mantra ~ thoughts ~ mantra ~ thoughts ~ mantra ~ thoughts ~ mantra ~ thoughts ~ mantra ~ thoughts... all the way through your session.  Eventually, as you start to gain more experience, your thoughts will begin to lessen over time.

Now, how difficult was that?

It doesn't get any easier;  you just get better,  and better each day.

Every day in every way you are getting better and better,  and this is so.

Ideally,  it is best to Meditate twice daily,  for greater success.  You can start your practice off with ten minutes,  and build that up to fifteen to twenty minutes over the period of a few weeks.

The best times to Meditate are upon waking and just before retiring to sleep.

There isn’t anything difficult to learn,  I have laid it all out for you here,  your only task if you can call it that,  is to repeat your mantra over-and-over again when necessary.

When it is time to return to waking consciousness,  slowly move your hands and feet about, and gradually open your eyes, and go back to your needs.

Vic's Tips -

• Alarm Clock

Don’t use an alarm to time yourself;  a quick peek at your clock is okay,  and then back to your mantra.

• Falling asleep

There is a chance you could fall asleep,  don’t worry about it.  It’s your bodies way of telling you;  you need to sleep.  When you awaken,  return to your mantra as though nothing has happened.  If you need a few more minutes of Meditating, then do so.

• Thoughts

Don’t fight them,  when you realise you have strayed,  go back to your mantra as though nothing has happened.

• I need to scratch

If the urge to scratch an itch happens,  then quickly and softly scratch while you are Meditating,  again don’t make a big deal out of it,  it’s an entirely natural function.

• Apparel

Wear loose clothing if possible,  loosen ties,  belts,  and shoes.

• Full stomach

Try not to Meditate on a full stomach.

• Alcohol

Try to refrain,  as alcohol will ruin your Meditation session.  I didn’t say abstain,  but I think you get the picture.

• Quick evening uplift

Arriving home feeling a little worn out after a day out in the jungle,  then sit down and give yourself a mental and physical boost.  Yes,  a ten-minute Meditation session or so will work wonders for you. Try it!

• Stressed out

Something or somebody upset you?  Mentally repeat your mantra,  a few times this has a very calming effect on your nervous system.  You can also do this with your eyes open, and no one will ever notice.

• Happy attitude

Begin your Meditation session with a warm smile on your face,  it works wonders.

• Your breath

While Meditating breathe as normal.

• Modern mantras

Relax,  release,  calm,  peace,  love,  still...

• Older type mantras

Om,  aum,  ah,  hu...

• Remember

Keep everything simple.  Don’t go over this guide with a fine-tooth comb trying to analyse everything.

• Stillness

If and when you achieve this,  you have transcended,  you have reached the desired result,  again don’t investigate or try to work out what has happened.  You have succeeded at mantra Meditation,  and I am so proud of you.

​ ~      ~      ~      ~

Remember this...!


Just remember this, there is no perfect way to Meditate.

It hasn't been formulated and totally perfected by anyone on planet earth.

No one can say with hand on heart they have the ultimate solution.

There are far too many ways to meditate.

All I'm offering is my way,  Vic's way, (Mantra Meditation) which I hope you will find exciting and easy to learn.

Soo,  now that you know there isn't a perfect way,  all you can do is what feels right for you.

You'll instinctively know when things are in alignment.

Ok... Let's Do It!

Guys,  if there is anything you don’t grasp or need me to shed a little more light on, then please Ask me.

Inner Peace to you all


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