Famous People Who Meditate On A Regular Basis.

Meditation Equals Greater Success  

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If meditation is good for the mind and the soul of prominent celebrities, then why not take a leaf out of their book, and copy their lead.

If these "Super High Flyers" can take the time to meditate on a regular basis, then surely most people in the slower lane can find the time too. All it takes is little self-discipline, and I'm sure we all have a little of that, and if not then through the softly, softly approach we will achieve what these high flyers paid a thousand dollars plus to learn.


​I would like to start this article with who meditates and why do you think they meditate?

The list below is a short list of famous people that meditate at least twice a day.

The best times for meditating are:

On waking (morning), late afternoon/early evening, or at bedtime. Usually in twenty-minute sessions. I know it sounds a long time, but it quickly passes, in fact, you will start to look forward to your quiet time, just you with you and your internal peace.

These are just a few of the famous people who wouldn't think about starting their day without regular meditating, and these few people are only the tip of the iceberg.

These are just a few of the famous people...

Oprah Winfrey 

​Rupert Murdoch (News Corp)

​Ringo Starr

​Deepak Chopra

​Kobe Bryant

​Tina Turner

​Katy Perry


​Arianna Huffington

​Steve Jobs (late)

​Miranda Kerr

​Leonard Cohen

​Jerry Seinfeld

​Jennifer Aniston

​Bill Ford (Ford Chairman)

​Angelina Jolie

​Larry Brilliant (Former Director Google.org)

​Ellen DeGeneres

Derek Jeter

Hugh Jackman

​Sheryl Crowe

​Lebron James

​Evan Williams (Twitter Co-founder)

​Russell Brand

​Padmasree Warrior (Cisco Systems)

​Eva Mendes

​Rick Rubin

​Russell Simmons

​Ivana Trump (Donald Trump’s daughter)

​Paul McCartney

​Jeff Weiner

​Richard Gere


​Halle Berry

​Tony Schwartz (The Energy Project)

Why these famous people meditate

The reason most of the above people meditate is to clear the mind of any negative thoughts and un-jam anything that is possibly holding them back from what they want to achieve, and believe me they become super skilled through meditating.

However, at Ask Vic

We will start with the softly, softly approach, let us say we start each session (twice a day) for five minutes for the first week. The second week ten minutes and build up to twenty minutes. Many people meditate for fifteen minutes, but I and many others prefer twenty minutes, I just love that time to myself. I call it my time, me time. A stress-free time. 😉

I Hope this article has whetted your appetite for more?

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