Famous People Who Meditate On A Regular Basis.

Meditation Equals Greater Success  

Hey Guys,

If meditation is good for the mind and the soul of prominent celebrities, then why not take a leaf out of their book, and copy their lead.

If these "Super High Flyers" can take the time to meditate on a regular basis, then surely most people in the slower lane can find the time too. All it takes is little self-discipline, and I'm sure we all have a little of that, and if not then through the softly, softly approach we will achieve what these high flyers paid a thousand dollars plus to learn.

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My Incredible Journey

My Incredible Journey Plus A Dire Warning!

Hey Guys,

Ask Vic – Mantra Meditation for beginners will be an Journey into the unknown and, a fantastic trip that will last you your lifetime.

 However, let me try to explain through my perspective...

Meditation took me out of my self-imposed shell which I had obviously crawled into, to try to escape the real world after my heart surgery went pear-shaped... And to be told by the hospital heart consultant at the young age of 43, that you will never be able to return to work again. That left me completely and utterly devastated. It was something to do with my left heart ventricle and that it was apparently un-repairable, in those days owing to the series of heart attacks.

Dire Warning...!

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Why Meditate And Whats In It For Me?

Why Learn How To Meditate ? - Part 1

Hey Guys,

OK – I’ll Tell You Why.

Well, there are numerous reasons and health benefits for you to want start meditating on a regular basis, so let's move on and delve a little deeper, shall we?

Just a few minutes per day, say anywhere between 15-20 minutes can set you off on a new exciting path in life. 

However, when you first start to apply meditation into your everyday life, gradual is the key. 

Begin with 5 minutes and gradually increase the minutes over a period of a couple of weeks up to 15 to 20 minutes. If it takes longer then so-be-it.

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Ask Vic – Mantra Meditation ~ Q&A’s

Welcome To Ask Vic - Mantra Meditation

Hey Guys,

What's Ask Vic- Mantra Meditation Site All About?

Glad you asked...  🙂

The world we live in today is so different from our youth; the internet has taken over our lives in a way which is unprecedented, we are moving at warp speed with technology. However, the advancement has brought with it some casualties, our health and wellbeing. The pace of life now brings us stress, anxiety, and many other unwanted health related symptoms.

What I hope to be able to do within these posts is to offer you a way to release your tensions, and hopefully reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

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