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Hey Guys,

What's Ask Vic- Mantra Meditation Site All About?

Glad you asked...  🙂

The world we live in today is so different from our youth; the internet has taken over our lives in a way which is unprecedented, we are moving at warp speed with technology. However, the advancement has brought with it some casualties, our health and wellbeing. The pace of life now brings us stress, anxiety, and many other unwanted health related symptoms.

What I hope to be able to do within these posts is to offer you a way to release your tensions, and hopefully reduce your stress and anxiety levels.


But first, let me make it quite clear to you all there is nothing for sale at the foreseeable moment just plain old fashion free help for those that need it, by a meditator who has thirty years of experience and is willing and able to share his knowledge with you all.

Ask Vic - Mantra Meditation Is Open To Folks Who: 

  • Would Like to Learn Mantra Meditation
  • Beginners - Newcomers
  • Intermediates - Halfway
  • Veterans - Old Hands

We Will Cover The Following:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Pain
  • Sleep problems
  • Negativity
  • Plus many other pain subjects

As My Title Says... Ask Vic

And through my posts, I will do my utmost to help you. Thats a promise!

  • If you want to know what Mantra Meditation is all about... then,  Ask Vic
  • If you are somewhere in your travels and learning about meditation... then,  Ask Vic
  • Are you stumbling or not getting the results you wanted... then,  Ask Vic
  • Are you a Veteran with a few years under your belt and would like to share your wisdom with others... then,  Ask Vic

So hopefully, there will be something for everyone, no matter your age, beliefs or gender.

Guys, Don't Forget...

The young and middle aged also suffer from stress, not just seniors. We all need treating in a manner that suits our needs, as one size does not fit all.

So please don't be afraid to ask your question, that is the sole purpose of this site.

That's all for now, and thanks for taking the time to read. I will try to post something on a regular basis for you to read and practice.

Ask Vic, will succeed with your valuable input, i.e., your questions, so, please ask.

I would love to see the Ask Vic "tribe" succeed, and we can only make this happen with Q&A's.

Remember I am here to help.

Inner Peace to you all


Talk soon.

Tribe Leader...

Vic Daly – Authoritative Mantra Meditation Innovator

Victor Daly

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Victor Daly

Hi, I'm Victor I. Daly, I'm the creator of "Ask Vic - Mantra Meditation system, which I'm extremely proud to present to you. I have been an active meditator for thirty years. My goal is to get my meditation system into the hands of as many people as I can, in a technique that is simple to learn and without all the mystic gobbledegook that shrouds many systems. If you would like to contact me, I would love to hear from you. I'm at, Thanks for stopping by. Inner Peace. Vic

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