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Ask Vic - MantraaMeditation

A Warm Welcome To My (New) Meditation Website...

Hey Guys,

My name is - Victor I. Daly


First off...

A little about myself and then what I have to offer you...

I'm originally from the south-west of England and lived in the county of Wimborne, Dorset. However, I now reside with my wife Margie in the Murcian Province of (southeastern) Spain, in a town called Mazarron.

The reason... 30 years ago I suffered a major heart attack resulting in a double heart bypass. However, sadly for me, that was not all. The Hospital Cardiologist said I would not be able to return to work due to the state of my left ventricle. That meant having to take a forced retirement at the age of 43. My world as I knew it was turned up-side-down! I could see no further than reaching the end of each day.

Despondency isn't the right word. I had come to the end of my tether, and I could not come to terms with not being able to function as the family breadwinner.

Soon after my operation, I was advised by a (private) doctor to take up Meditation to help me come to terms with my new situation. My doctor classed me as a severe type A person. The doctor gave me an address of a prominent Meditation Centre called - TM... “Transcendental Meditation”. I have now been Meditating for almost 30 years and have a wealth of information... and I would love to pass this on to you in an uncomplicated (western) format.

In fact, my newly formulated format does away with all the stuff that typically puts you off of other systems.

What I am categorically saying is far too much mystery, and an unnecessary amount of BS is attached to many other systems just to help justify their existence.

My mission is to dispel all the hocus-pocus out there, with the easiest system imaginable, because at the end of the day all you want to learn is HOW to Meditate. Don't you?

Reaching Stillness (Transcendence)

The Mantra Method: My method, when you have reached stillness of the mind, that is when you have actually (transcended) without all the paraphernalia that other systems think you have to go through to enable silence. The mantra method, especially my method is by far the easiest way to obtain this state of mind. Your next goal is to reach this level of mind more often, and this comes with regular practice, and of course with my help if you need it.

Guys, stick with me, and I'll have you Meditating in no time.

Please Note: because my system is free, DO NOT think for a minute there is no actual real value here.

My mission is to get my uncomplicated system out there to the masses.

Remember this; there is NO easier way than my system if you want to learn Mantra Meditation.

So why would you want to complicate things?

Lets keep it simple, and doable and learn fast...!

In a nut-shell, Meditation was my first aid kit, my sanity saver for want of a better word. Meditation gave me the mental strength to carry on my life as normal as possible, where beforehand all I could see was foreboding darkness greeting me each and every day.

So, moving forward...

My Free Offer to You...

Ask Vic–Mantra Meditation community has been set-up for you to (freely) yes freely learn Mantra Meditation quickly and easily, without you having to go searching all over the Internet for answers, surfing here and there, and ending up being totally bogged down and bewildered with information overload.

Addressing Your Personal Pain Points...?

Do you recognise any of these personal pain points?

  • Stress
  • Anxiety 
  • Fear
  • Emotions
  • Despondency
  • Behaviour
  • Self-Esteem
  • Loneliness
  • Unhappiness
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Insomnia
  • Weight
  • Attention Span
  • Alcohol and Cigarettes
  • Drug Dependency
  • Plus many, many other personal pain points

If you recognise any of the above personal pain points, then my Mantra system is for you...

Through my posts let me help you try to lessen your personal pain points to an acceptable level, or even dare I say hopefully eliminate them...

I do hope you enjoy your visits to Ask Vic – Mantra Meditation.

Ask Vic - Mantra Meditation community is a (Western Style) Mantra type Meditation without all the silly rituals and Gobbledygook found elsewhere. My method is fast and easy to learn. And your biggest plus is, I am here to help you at all times.

You will find in the coming weeks and months, an enormous amount of information posted here, on this website to help you on your path to learning Meditation and reaching stillness known as (transcendence) and all its incredible health giving benefits.

So, sit back and enjoy your visits!  

You won't need a torch/flashlight... I've already switched on the light for you 😉

Just follow my lead...​

Inner Peace to you all.

Take care


Talk soon.

Tribe Leader...

Get ready to learn and start relaxing and releasing - from your visits...

* There is something for everyone, whether you are a:

  • Christianist
  • Buddhist
  • Hinduist
  • Islamist
  • Shintoist
  • Confucianist
  • Aithiest
  • Darwinist
  • And many other beliefs or not

So, join me on this adventure into the unknown world of Mantra Meditation...

And together as a community... Yes, that is you and me can help each other to get the very best out of life as a Meditation group... all with the same aim. Your happiness and the stillness of your mind.

Thanks for reading

Vic Daly – Authoritative Mantra Meditation Innovator