Learn How to Meditate Like a "Buddhist Monk"

Using my Awesome  "Five Star"  Mantra Method

Hi, I'm Vic,

The creator of... 

Ask Vic - Mantra Meditation

And that's me in the photo above.

Have you ever asked yourself how and where you can learn

Meditation?  If you have,  then you're in the RIGHT place!

My theory in helping  you learn Meditation is quite simple: Share my knowledge freely with you,  and guide by example,  and that's what I'm all about,  and that's what Ask Vic - Mantra Meditation is all about too.

Here's   EVERYTHING   You'll   LEARN​

You'll learn everything from the ground up; nothing missed out,  and no silly rituals or gobbledegook,  just plain pure teaching and taught by me,  a practising Meditator of thirty years.

To fast track your learning,  I've also drafted a ( free ) Step-by-Step Guide which you can study and refer to inside the ( Meditation Guide ) page.

Inner Peace to you all...


​Vic Daly – Authoritative Mantra Meditation Innovator

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